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How to always look polished

How do they do it? Some women have mastered the art of always appearing impeccably dressed and well put together. The formula to looking polished and well put together is quite simple. It just requires a little bit of extra effort, and oh, a great coat and jewellery.
Here are our top three ways to always look put together:

Outwear is a genre of clothing that is often overlooked, but adding a jacket to your outfit is the quickest way to appear put together. Throw your jacket over jeans and a plain t-shirt to complete your put together look! A simple jacket can also take your outfit from day to night. This simple item will make you appear more polished, regardless of what you are wearing.

Adding accessories to your everyday outfit is the quickest and easiest way to style your outfit and look put together. For the simplest, yet well put together look all you have to do is throw on a pair of Norma jeans, a plain t-shirt, a belt and a pair of earrings before you run out the door.

Keep your basics tidy and simple. Our Plain t-shirts are made from quality fabrics that will last wear after wear. Spend time in preserving your clothes; that means following the care instructions on the label and using garment bags for delicate items. Our Norma jeans are also made from quality materials and are oh so comfortable, invest in a pair of these jeans for the cooler months and you'll never want to take them off!